FindBugs Integration Adapter

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FindBugs is an open source tool, which is used for static code analysis. Kovair Omnibus allows you to integrate your preferred Defect tracking tool with FindBugs and facilitates direct logging of Defects from any Eclipse based IDE. Kovair’s FindBugs plug-in comes along with the Eclipse plug-in, and hence a user who has availed the services of the Kovair Eclipse plugin, can also use the FindBugs plugin.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrate with your preferred Defect tracking tool and facilitate synchronization of data.
  • Ability to use the plug-in from any Eclipse based IDE.
  • Packaged with the Kovair Omnibus Eclipse plug-in, hence additional installation is not required.
  • Provision to directly add the bugs arising out of static code analysis into the Defect tracking tool, from the Eclipse based IDE itself.
  • Fully configurable integration rules, enabling users to map fields of FindBugs with the preferred Defect tracking tool.
  • Auto population of mapped fields of the Defect tracking tool, while logging Defect data from the Eclipse based IDE.
  • Allows different stakeholders of the application lifecycle management domain, to work from their preferred tool environment.

Kovair Support for FindBugs Integration

The Kovair FindBugs plug-in enables users to directly post Defects from the static analysis results in FindBugs to the Defect Management tools that are connected through Kovair Omnibus. In addition, users can configure Omnibus Platform to perform actions like adding, modifying or deleting records within an Omnibus-connected tool from the IDE itself.

Kovair FindBugs Integration Plug-in offers the following benefits:

Easy to Configure

Users can easily configure the integration rules in Kovair’s web based application with simple mouse-clicks. No coding is required. The users need to specify certain actions they wish to perform from the Eclipse based IDE in the desired Defect tracking tool. There is also a provision to map the exact fields of FindBugs with the fields of the Defect tracking tool.

Data visibility inside IDEs

Using Kovair Omnibus plug-in for FindBugs, users can directly log the defects arising out of static code analysis in the defect tracking tool used in the organization.

FindBugs Integration Example

An organization uses Eclipse IDE for Source Code Management and JIRA for Defect Management. The Eclipse user completes the coding in the tool and then uses FindBugs to perform the static code analysis. The bugs arising out of the entire process get automatically listed in the Bug Explorer view of Eclipse. The user selects the “Add Bug” option from the context menu directly from the Bug Explorer view of Eclipse and adds the particular bugs into the defect tracking tool – JIRA. Once the Defects are added in JIRA, the user follows the normal defect lifecycle defined in the organization.