Cucumber Integration Adapter

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Cucumber is a comprehensive tool that aids the Business Analyst or Product Owners to write Acceptance Tests for any application. Cucumber uses a special document called Feature file to list the high-level features of an application. This document is written using a language called Gherkin.

Kovair Cucumber Integration Adapter

Kovair Cucumber Integration provides users to sync Feature files as well as their Execution information to Kovair or any other connected tools through Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. Users of who have implemented Behavior Driven Development with Cucumber in Eclipse IDE in their organizations can easily add Feature files along with Execution information. Moreover, users can easily execute the Feature files for a Cucumber project from any target tool in the integration without having to visit the Eclipse IDE.

Features & Benefits

  • This integration provides seamless flow of data from Cucumber tool for Acceptance Test automation activities and artifacts to the Central ALM platform.
  • Feature files along with its Execution information can be synced to Kovair.
  • Features files can be easily executed remotely from the Central ALM platform without visiting the Eclipse IDE installed in a specific host.
  • Tag based execution of features in the Cucumber project can be easily achieved from Central ALM Platform.

Benefits of Cucumber Integration Adapter

Cross Team Data Visibility: Kovair Cucumber Integration allows ALM users to manage, track, and report all the Feature files and their Execution in Software Test Automation project. Data from Feature files and Execution Results can be summarized in the central Kovair repository. Automation Test results and execution outputs are synced to Kovair automatically, hence will increase cross tool visibility.

  • Traceability of Artifacts: The integration between Cucumber tool and Kovair ALM brings benefits to the users of both the systems. Synced artifacts of Cucumber can be traced easily from Kovair ALM‘s traceability view or traceability report. This kind of report is always beneficial for the test management team to analyze test execution after every automation regression. This integration also allows test managers to leverage Kovair report engine for better management of test coverage and activities.
  • Better Visibility of Execution Results: Separate entity for test execution result will enable management team, development team or QA team to see passed/failed reports from the list and they can generate any kind of report from this data through Kovair’s rich report engine.
  • Remote Execution of Features files: Feature files residing in a Software Test Automation project of Eclipse IDE can easily be executed remotely from the Central ALM without having to visit the Eclipse IDE installed in a host machine. Tag based execution which enables execution of some specially tagged scenarios is also supported by this adapter.

Use Case Scenarios in Kovair iTM with Cucumber Adapter

Artifacts from Cucumber tool can be easily synced to Kovair Omnibus Platform for the analysis of project managers or Product Owners. Consider a scenario where a customer raises a Requirement for any feature of their application in Kovair Requirement Management tool or any other similar application like JAMA/ IBM RRC/Rally. With the help of Omnibus Integration Platform, these Requirements can easily be viewed by the developers in commonly used popular IDEs like Eclipse or Visual Studio. Engineers working in development start writing the code to implement the Requirement as new features. As soon as the developer is done with implementing the new feature, he or she updates the Requirement as completed and the information, with the help of Kovair Omnibus Platform and gets synced to Kovair Integrated Test Management (iTM).

Using Kovair iTM, engineers working in QA or Testing start their testing activities on the newly implemented feature of the application. Once QA or Testers are done with the testing of the new enhancement, the feature is released and deployed into the staging environment. Acceptance Testing of the feature begins using Behavior Driven Development tool like Cucumber in the staging environment.

Results of the Acceptance Testing can be synced back to Kovair iTM using Kovair Omnibus Cucumber Adapter along with the information of Feature files. The Execution Results can be captured and synced through the Kovair Cucumber Adapter and linked to the corresponding synced Feature files in Kovair iTM. Defects for failed Test Scenarios can be raised using Kovair Defect Management/Rally/JIRA through Omnibus Integration Platform. In this way, Kovair Cucumber Adapter can be used along with Kovair Omnibus Platform to provide complete visibility of Acceptance Tests artifacts of a Software Development Lifecycle.

Kovair Cucumber Adapter