CA Clarity Integration Adapter

CA Clarity PPM is a project management information system that helps you ensure that your projects and programs align with strategies, goals, and objectives. It provides a real time view into the organization’s investments, initiatives, and resources. Using CA Clarity PPM, you can create projects; create budgets; add/remove resources to projects; manage project risks and issues; baseline a project; store project documentation; and monitor the project progress.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows you to draw project data from CA Clarity PPM and use it in other integrated tools.
  • Allows you to automatically synchronize work items/tasks, requirements, stories, and issues between CA Clarity PPM and other ALM tools.
  • Eliminates the duplication of entries for work items, projects and tasks.
  • Allows you to keep track of development progress from within CA Clarity PPM environment.
  • Ensures cross-tool visibility, end-to-end traceability, and process automation.
  • Provides real-time information and consistent control across a diverse range of ALM tools.
  • Helps you generate accurate financial reports and cross-tool reports regarding project status with a single mouse click.
  • Better visibility into the current state of the organization’s entire portfolio of IT projects, applications, and opportunities
  • Bi-directional synchronization of CA Clarity PPM work items, requirements, and issues with other tools
  • Robust, reliable, and readily scalable enterprise-class architecture
  • Consolidated data collection and reporting to aide project assessment
  • Easy to configure and customize using web based codeless configuration screens
  • Conflict detection and mediation
  • Support for complex transformations

Kovair Support for Clarity Integration

Kovair CA Clarity Integration Adapter lets you integrate CA Clarity PPM with best-of-breed tools, such as TFS, ClearQuest (CQ), Quality Center (QC), and JIRA. By integrating CA Clarity PPM with these tools, organizations can get better visibility into its portfolio of IT projects, applications, and opportunities.

Kovair provides a vendor-neutral ALM platform called Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform to which you can connect your CA Clarity PPM instance using Kovair CA Clarity Integration Adapter. This allows the CA Clarity PPM projects, work items/tasks, and project related artifacts to be accessible from other best-of-breed tools being used by other teams. Using the CA Clarity Integration adapter, CA Clarity can be readily integrated with all the 60 tools that are already integrated with Kovair Omnibus. Kovair provides adapters for connecting other best of breed ALM tools like Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Clear Quest, HP Quality Center, and JIRA to Omnibus.

CA Clarity PPM Instance using Kovair
Fig: Architecture Diagram

Clarity Integration Adapter offers the followings:

Project & Portfolio Management

CA Clarity PPM is the decision engine that helps you manage every aspect of your project portfolio. You can manage ideas and requirements for new offerings, execute a cloud strategy, or optimize your portfolio performance to thrive in today’s complex competitive IT environment. When CA Clarity PPM is integrated with other tools in the ALM ecosystem:
  • Data from CA Clarity PPM can be utilized by users of other tools and additional value can be extracted from that data for business and IT stakeholders.
  • Relations between artifacts managed in Clarity also get synchronized with other tools in the integrated scenario.
  • Events occurring in Clarity can be trapped and used to generate one or more actions for other integrated tools.
  • This integrated approach allows organizations to manage their services, projects, products, people, and financials based on the overall performance of the entire set of projects.
  • Project Managers can get a real-time view of the investments, initiatives, and resources and ensure controlled and predictable execution of projects and programs.

Project Metrics

Project Metrics data can be collected from Development and Testing tools and displayed in various custom fields within the Clarity artifacts. These are real time data, coming straight from the source tools being used to manage different functionalities including Requirements Management, Design, Development, Testing and Project Management.

In addition, live data from configuration management tools like SVN, Perforce, ClearCase and TFS can be collected and reflected in Clarity.

Issue Management

Using Kovair CA Clarity Integration adapter, CA Clarity PPM can be integrated with JIRA so that project data flows bi-directionally between the two tools, and issues in JIRA are replicated in CA Clarity PPM as Tasks for the relevant project.

Work Item Management

Microsoft TFS uses work items to help you manage the work that must be completed in a product life cycle. Different work item types track different types of artifacts, such as requirements, bugs, and development tasks.

Using Kovair CA Clarity Integration Adapter, you can integrate CA Clarity PPM with TFS and create work items in TFS directly from CA Clarity PPM, corresponding to the Clarity Tickets. Furthermore, you can transfer Clarity Tickets as Bugs in TFS and establish bi-directional synchronization between Clarity Tickets and TFS bugs.

Requirements Planning

CA Clarity PPM allows organizations to bridge the gap between strategic planning and tactical execution. With CA Clarity PPM integrated into the ALM system, users can transfer requirements from an integrated tool to CA Clarity PPM; capture business value in the form of requirements; associate the requirements to products and services; and combine requirements into specific initiatives.

This integration allows users to view requirements linked to a specific feature, release or product. The visual representation of critical planning data further strengthens investment decision-making, improves collaboration, reduces project risks, and helps deliver higher value.

Change Management

Changes in requirements are inevitable in product development, and changes need to be managed efficiently to ensure project success. CQ lets you manage change requests and defects throughout the development lifecycle and have better visibility and control over the development processes. By integrating CA Clarity PPM with ClearQuest, you can extract project data from CA Clarity PPM and replicate it in CQ, and store requirements in CA Clarity PPM as change requests in CQ.

Examples of CA Clarity PPM Integrations

CA Clarity PPM Integrations
Fig: CA Clarity PPM Integrations

CA Clarity PPM – TFS Integration

As shown in the above example, you can integrate CA Clarity PPM and TFS so that requirements in TFS are replicated in CA Clarity PPM. While submitting a ticket in CA Clarity PPM, you can link it with the appropriate requirement. The ticket, along with the linked requirement, is replicated in TFS as a bug.

CA Clarity PPM – CQ Integration

As shown in the above example, you can integrate CA Clarity PPM with CQ so that requirements in CA Clarity PPM are replicated in CQ as change requests. Since Kovair CA Clarity Adapter ensures bi-directional synchronization, any modification in the change request in CQ is reflected in the corresponding requirement in CA Clarity PPM and vice-versa.