CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Integration Adapter

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CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM), formerly CA Clarity, is a project and portfolio management system. CA PPM is a project and portfolio management platform that helps businesses to manage their products, services, peoples, and finances effectively and efficiently. The platform is aimed to facilitate and improve the delivery of projects and programs. Kovair provides a vendor-neutral integration platform called Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform to which the best-of-breed tools can be integrated.

Kovair CA PPM Adapter

By integrating Clarity PPM software to the connected ALM tools used by other stakeholders, Omnibus extends the value of the project and program level data managed within Clarity PPM. With this integration of CA PPM, Kovair Omnibus Adapter provides a deep level integration with the integrated Lifecycle tools. It brings collaboration across different ALM tool boundaries while enabling centralized control. Kovair Adapter for Clarity PPM allows the bidirectional flow of data from and to other connected tools in the Omnibus ecosystem. Clarity PPM is the primary decision engine that helps you to manage every aspect of your project portfolio. You can manage Projects, and Risks for new offerings, execute a cloud strategy or optimize your portfolio performance to thrive in today’s complex and competitive IT environment. The adapter supports exposing the primary artifacts like Project, Risk, Issue and Task.

Why integrate Clarity PPM with Kovair?

Collaboration – Organisation needs more transparency than ever before. The project management team needs more collaboration with other life cycle teams like development. For example, the program manager may define high-level goals for a project and these goals need to be further translated into detail level requirements for the development team who uses a different set of tools. This integration reduces the collaboration barriers between product management and development teams thus reduces delay.
The integration allows synchronization of artifacts across the other lifecycle tools. It facilitates project-level information to flow between Clarity PPM and other connected tools. Kovair platform includes workflow which enables tools to connect disparate functions and route requests to groups.

Entities ExposedEvents CollectedActions SupportedRelations Supported
  • Project
  • Risk
  • Issue
  • Task
  • Add and Modify events for all the Entities.
  • Delete is not supported.
  • Add and Modify events for all the Entities.
  • Project to Tasks.
  • Project to Risks.
  • Project to Issues.
  • Risks to Risks.
  • Risks to Issues.

Use Case example of Kovair Omnibus integration with Clarity PPM

‘Kovair Clarity PPM Integration Adapter’ lets you integrate Clarity PPM with a wide array of ALM tools such as Kovair and JIRA. By integrating Clarity PPM with Jira, it allows project management teams to collaborate with other life cycle teams like development, test and support. Timesheet data and effort set in the connected tools get directly pushed to Clarity PPM Timesheet. This helps to coordinate on the delivery timelines seamlessly with concurrent updates on changes from the connected development team using Jira.

Use Case example of Kovair Omnibus integration with Clarity PPM

Features & Benefits

  • Free flow of delivery timelines seamlessly with simultaneous updates on changes.
  • Trace the Project breakdown and associated user stories across tools.
  • Complete visibility of effort estimated and actual effort spent and the progress of development work.

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