Bugzilla Integration Adapter

It is a well-known fact that the productivity of the teams increases rapidly when they use their preferred choice of tools to do their work. Kovair acknowledges this fact and helps organizations to increase their overall productivity by helping them to be integrated with best of the breed tools available in the market today. One such tool is Bugzilla, in the bug tracking domain.

Bugzilla is one of the popular online bug tracking tools in today’s IT market, developed by Mozilla foundation. Developers find it is easy to track, manage and resolve bugs using this tool.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides the bidirectional synchronization of bugs between Bugzilla and other integrated ALM tools.
  • Allows traceability relationships by linking Bugzilla bugs to other ALM artifacts like Requirements, Change Requests, Test Cases and Tasks.
  • Performs automated actions on bugs that are getting submitted from other integrated tools in the ALM ecosystem.
  • Ensures smooth tracking and resolution processes of bugs, spanning across multiple tools.
  • Provides collaboration so that all the stakeholders are in sync with the latest changes, thereby ensuring smooth propagation of changes and impact analysis.
  • Allows the team members to work on Bugs from their preferred tool environment and thereby increases their productivity.
  • Conflict detection and mediation
  • Scalable and robust enterprise level architecture
  • Support the Attachments and Comments between Bugzilla artifacts and artifacts belonging to other integrated lifecycle tools.
  • Support for users to configure integration rules and establish relations between objects of disparate ALM tools
  • Support for complete traceability, consolidated reporting and dashboards – all available through a web interface.
  • Customizations can be done easily using web-based codeless, mouse-click configuration screens.

Kovair Support for Bugzilla Integration

‘Kovair Bugzilla Integration Adapter’ provides smooth connection between Bugzilla and other external third party tools through Kovair Omnibus integration platform. The Bugzilla adapter uses the vendor neutral Omnibus integration platform to allow the synchronization of Bugzilla bugs with the various best of the breed ALM tools. This integration ensures transparency throughout the entire SDLC lifecycle process, automating the micro processes at the Requirement, Test or Bug level to the macro process that spans across the entire organization. Omnibus also enhances collaboration of various stakeholders’ using different tools.

Products, Product Versions, Components and Bugs from Bugzilla are exposed as traceable entities from the Kovair Omnibus Bugzilla Adapter. Bidirectional flow of data related to all these artifacts can be done through Omnibus to other connected tools.

The integration between Bugzilla and other ALM tools is based on an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture that requires one adapter per tool, ensuring easy maintenance and scalability.

Kovair’s ability to create and execute custom Workflows for any ALM entity enables the Bugzilla users to participate in the high level cross-tool processes of the Organization.

Kovair’s Omnibus plug-ins available for various popular IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio, Rational Software Architect and Rational Application Developer allow users of these tools to easily browse Bugzilla items within their own IDEs. They can easily collaborate by creating/ modifying these Bugzilla artifacts from their own IDEs. Kovair’s cross-tool reporting and dashboards capability allow users to keep track of Defect metrics being generated in Bugzilla.

Bugzilla Integration Adapter offers the followings:

Complete Traceability

Kovair Bugzilla adapter in association with Omnibus helps to establish traceability relationships between Bugzilla bugs and relevant artifacts from other tools.

Smooth Collaboration

Bug tracking and resolution involve a number of activities to be done by cross-functional teams. Team members involved in such processes should have full access to the bugs so that they can collaborate among themselves to get the bugs resolved in due time. However, it is often found that different teams use different tools during practice. So, collaboration among such teams can only be ensured by integrating those tools. Kovair Bugzilla Integration Adapter provides integration between Bugzilla and the other ALM tools to synchronize the bug information and thereby ensures smooth collaboration among stakeholders.

Increased Productivity

Kovair Omnibus allows integration of best of the breed tools irrespective of their vendors and platforms. Hence organizations can enjoy the benefits of tools integration and yet allow its resources to work on their preferred choice of tools. This improves productivity as employees can focus on other important aspects of their roles and do not have to spend time in learning new tools. It also avoids repetitive data entries in multiple tools while deriving cross tool reporting and metrics.

Automated Defect Creation

Kovair Omnibus adapter for Bugzilla allows automating the Bug tracking process starting from submission to resolution by configuring customized integration rules through a web interface. No hard coded logic is involved. For example, a rule can be defined such that a bug is automatically added in Bugzilla when a test fails in HP Quality Center.

An Example of Bugzilla Integration with BMC Remedy

Bugzilla Integration with BMC Remedy