Bamboo Integration Adapter

Jama is a popular requirements management solution that helps organizations with better and faster product definition and facilitates product delivery using Agile methods.

Bamboo is a continuous integration and continuous deployment server developed by Atlassian.

Kovair Intelligent DevOps is an enterprise level integration which enables automatic execution of Plan and monitoring real time metrics. This is achieved with seamless integration with Bamboo adapter— a continuous integration and continuous deployment server. Upon execution, Build and JobBuild data are collected in Kovair central platform for integration with other tools.

Kovair provides a vendor neutral integration platform called Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform to which the best-of-breed ALM, and other tools can be integrated using adapters.

Features & Benefits

  • Monitor and track Plan, Jobs, DeploymentProject Execution from Jenkins into Kovair ALM.
  • Execute Deployment from Kovair ALM central platform.
  • View the status of Builds from Kovair ALM or other integrated tools that are connected through Omnibus.
  • Direct navigation to Bamboo Interface from Kovair ALM to give the end users a complete 360-degree view.
  • Single interface for all continuous delivery pipelines of Jenkins.

Kovair Bamboo Adapter

Kovair adapter for Bamboo helps to achieve an integration scenario between Bamboo and other ALM tools. The adapter supports exposing the primary artefacts of Bamboo like Plan, Job, Job Build etc. These data are very much vital for any DevOps environment. The primary feature of the adapter is to execute Bamboo Jobs remotely from Kovair platform. The primary entities for which data can be fetched using Kovair Bamboo adapter are Plan, Job, Build, JobBuild, DeploymentProject, and Release. Moreover, Bamboo has a Built-in support for deployment Projects and Test Automation, thus with Kovair integration platform in-place creates a perfect deployment environment.

Why Integrate Bamboo with Kovair?

  • Built-In Deployment Support: Continuous flow of builds to test environments and automatic release of builds to customers when the builds are ready, while ensuring that the links to issues and commits behind them are maintained.
  • Single-Click Deployment: The integration between Bamboo and Kovair ALM is a deep level integration. It enables users to avail single click execution of Plan from the ALM interface. Kovair with its rich integration adapter can extract pipeline as well as pipeline execution details to Kovair ALM

Services Supported in Kovair Bamboo Integration

Entities Exposed Events Collected Actions Supported Relations Supported
  • Plan
  • Job
  • Build
  • JobBuild
  • DeploymentProject
  • Release
  • Supports basic events like Add and Edit.
  • Does not support basic events like Delete.
  • Support for basic events like Comment is available only for entity Build.
  • Support for basic events like Attachment is available only for entities like Build, JobBuild, and Release.
  • Action is done using HTML field. “Run Plan” is the HTML field of Plan entity. When “Run Plan” is triggered, the plan is executed in Bamboo tool and a build is generated.
  • Plan to Job
  • Plan to DeploymentProject
  • Plan to Build
  • Plan to Job to JobBuild
  • Job to JobBuild
  • Plan to DeploymentProject to release

Use Case Example Of Kovair Integration With Bamboo

Trends like agile development, DevOps, and continuous integration has led to the modern enterprise’s need for building software hyper-efficiently.

To understand how Kovair Integration with Bamboo 6.6.3 works, let us assume an integration scenario created by integrating tools like Eclipse, GitHub, SonarQube, Bamboo, and Kovair with Omnibus platform. Refer to the diagram below to follow how Kovair Integration with Bamboo works.

Kovair Integration With Bamboo
  • After writing a code inside the Eclipse tool, the Developer runs a code analysis inside SonarQube.
  • If the code analysis is successful, then the code will get checked-in into a SCM like GitHub.
  • Since GitHub has a built-in integration with Bamboo, thus one can configure to execute the Plan to initate a build followed by deployment.
  • Results of successful executions inside Bamboo can be easily viewed from Kovair Application.

Note: The adapter as developed and offered by Kovair follows the subject tool’s standard specifications. Any deviations from the Tool’s typical use pattern may not have been anticipated in our off-the-shelf product. For any customization or special configuration needs, please contact Kovair Sales –