ARAS Innovator Integration Adapter

Aras Innovator® is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) web-based software solution to support companies that need to manage product development, supply chain and quality compliance. Kovair provides a vendor-neutral integration platform called Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform to which the best-of-breed tools can be integrated. Kovair Omnibus allows Aras Innovator to bi-directionally integrate with an existing ALM environment, thus creating a complete systematic view of multidisciplinary products fully integrated into enterprise processes including BOM and change management.

Kovair ARAS Innovator Adapter

Kovair Aras Innovator Adapter integrates the Innovator tool with the best of breed ALM tools, thereby enabling ALM users to track inherent PLM components namely PR (Problem Request), ECR (Engineering Change Request), ECN (Engineering Change Notice) from within the ALM tool Itself. Kovair Omnibus Integration Adapter for Aras Innovator is a SOA based adapter that integrates and establishes two-way communications between Kovair Omnibus Platform with Aras Innovator and connected ALM tools.

Features & Benefits

  • Bidirectional synchronization of exposed PLM components like PR, ECR, EN between Innovator and other ALM tools.
  • Easy monitoring of exposed PLM components from other tool IDEs through Omnibus integrated platform.

Why Integrate with ARAS Innovator?

Collaboration – As manufacturing organizations strive to reduce time to market and minimize costly delays and rework, integration between PLM and ALM is unavoidable. Thus, establishing traceability between engineering and software objects for BOM and the other change process is vital for the current market. The holistic nature of modern products and their connectivity necessitate a new approach to their development. Kovair Adapter for Aras Innovator exposes key objects like ECR, ECN, Product, Parts, and others.

Entities Exposed Events Collected Actions Supported Relations Supported
  • Customer
  • Part
  • Document
  • CAD Document
  • Product
  • PR
  • ECR
  • ECN
  • DCO
  • Location
  • Deviation
  • EDR
  • Express ECO
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Part
  • MCO
  • Rework Order
  • Simple ECO
  • Vendor
  • Waiver
Supports basic events like Add and Edit. Supports actions like Add and Edit.
  • Part to Document.
  • Part to Part (BOMS).
  • Part to CAD Document.
  • ECR to PR.
  • ECN to ECR.
  • MCO to Part.
  • Vendor to Manufacturer Part.

Use Case example of Kovair Omnibus Integration with ARAS Innovator

Using the ARAS Innovator Adapter, we aim to achieve the integration of Innovator PLM with other ALM and ITSM tools. This helps us to bridge the information gap between the operations, development and the PLM team. Any Change Request raised by the operations team is investigated and taken care of by the development team. Based on its nature, the Change Request is then forwarded as an Engineering Change Request (ECR) to the Engineering team using the Innovator adapter.

ARAS usecase

The integration process starts with an Incident and an associated Change Request (CR) being submitted via Service Now. The CR is then synced across to RTC as a CR, where it undergoes a few modifications. The modified CR updated with the latest changes is then synced from RTC to Innovator

In ARAS Innovator, the ECR is broken down into ECN and Problem Report (PR), additional a new Part is generated from the PR. With respect to the Part, a new CAD Document and a Customer.

When the Innovator is integrated with the Omnibus Enterprise Service Bus using the Kovair Innovator Adapter, all the logged artifacts inside the Innovator tool becomes traceable from Kovair platform as well as from other ALM tools that are connected to it.

Thus, based on the work done by the engineering team using Innovator Tool, the entire product lifecycle data can be captured and traced along with corresponding ALM and ITSM tool data, managed by RTC and Service Now respectively.