Omnibus Tool Integration Adapters / Connectors

Find the list of multi-vendor ALM and IT tool integration adapters/ connectors and plug-ins offered by Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. You can download the data sheets to learn more about Kovair products.

RTRT Adapter

Rational Test RealTime Integration Adapter

Identifying and fixing software defects early in the development cycle is mostly a manual, time-consuming and error-prone process. The testing teams cope with limited resources, time constraints, complex and cross-development environment and test execution platforms. Therefore, organizations need to automate the process of identifying and fixing defects. IBM Rational Test RealTime software is a widely […]

Redmine Adapter

Redmine Integration Adapter

Redmine is one of the leading open source tools for Issue Management that can be integrated with other popular defect management tools using the Kovair integration adapter for Redmine. Kovair Redmine Adapter facilitates seamless data flow from Redmine to other ALM or SDLC Tools in the market place. Currently, the Kovair Redmine Adapter supports all […]

GIT Adapter

Git Integration Adapter

Git is an open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large software applications development projects with speed and efficiency. Download Datasheet × Download PDF version Please fill out the form below to the access the document. × Request A Live Demo Kovair Integration Support for Git Suite Kovair […]


Gerrit Integration Adapter

Kovair Gerrit Integration Adapter connects Gerrit to Omnibus and in turn to other ALM tools like Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE. It allows working with code reviews in an efficient manner, resulting in more time for development which is what every developer wants. It provides Continuous Integration environment where project teams can access code review information, […]

RTC Adapter

IBM Rational Team Concert Integration Adapter

Lifecycle resources like change requests, test cases, defects, requirements, and builds become even more useful, if they are tightly integrated. IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) integrates these lifecycle resources and provides a collaborative lifecycle management solution with Change Management, Source Control Management and Build Management components in a single, integrated product supporting all popular platforms. […]

Rally Adapter

Rally Integration Adapter

Rally Software offers cloud computing-based solutions for managing agile software development. The company’s offerings include Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) platform and products. The Rally platform includes modules for project management, requirements management, reporting, time tracking, idea management, and quality and portfolio management.   Download Datasheet × Download PDF version Please […]

Remendy Adapter

Remedy Integration Adapter

BMC Remedy is the most comprehensive and capable ITSM software solution available for enterprises. Kovair Omnibus integration can increase the value of your Remedy investment and help to align Remedy with your broader organizational goals. The BMC Remedy ITSM suite automates the operations of ITSM process areas and enables organizations to align their business services […]

TeamCity Adapter

TeamCity Integration Adapter

TeamCity is a closed source, Java-based build management and continuous integration server from JetBrains. Kovair Omnibus integrates TeamCity 8.1 with other best-of-breed ALM tools to provide a centralized view of the unified software development. Download Datasheet × Download PDF version Please fill out the form below to the access the document. × Request A Live […]

DOORS Adapter

IBM Doors Next Gen Integration Adapter

Requirements are not the property of Business Analysts alone; in any of the software development methodology that we follow today, requirements are the focal point of the entire software delivery process. However, a diversified set of stakeholders and changes across the development lifecycle make it difficult to align the project deliverables with the correct requirements. […]

Github Adapter

GitHub Integration Adapter

‘Kovair GitHub Adapter’ integrates GitHub Enterprise with other best-of-breed ALM tools and helps stakeholders remain up-to-date with latest file versions. is an enterprise cloud based hosting service, on which one can publish Git repositories and collaborate with people from distributed geographical locations. GitHub Enterprise is the on-premise version of Kovair integration supports both […]


IBM ClearCase Integration Adapter

The evolving organizational need to deliver software solutions sooner, while maintaining flexibility and compliance, calls for a powerful cross-platform Software Configuration Management (SCM) system that can protect critical software and lifecycle assets, provide audit trail for changes, and support parallel development and code reuse. Download Datasheet × Download PDF version Please fill out the form […]

FindBugs Adapter

FindBugs Integration Adapter

FindBugs is an open source tool, which is used for static code analysis. Kovair Omnibus allows you to integrate your preferred Defect tracking tool with FindBugs and facilitates direct logging of Defects from any Eclipse based IDE. Kovair’s FindBugs plug-in comes along with the Eclipse plug-in, and hence a user who has availed the services […]

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