Omnibus Tool Integration Adapters / Connectors

Find the list of multi-vendor ALM and IT tool integration adapters/ connectors and plug-ins offered by Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform.

TFS Adapter

Microsoft TFS – Team Foundation Server Integration

In today’s software industry, collaborative software development is the key to drive innovation, achieve profitable growth and increase efficiency. Collaboration is required because Software Delivery is spreading across departmental, geographic and corporate boundaries thereby leading to a proliferation of disparate tools, processes, and cloud usage. Team Foundation Server (TFS) automates the Software Delivery process and […]

JIRA Adapter

JIRA Integration

It’s a well-known fact that when teams are allowed to use their most preferred tools to perform project tasks, their productivity rises exponentially. Kovair leverages this fact and helps organizations increase their overall productivity by integrating the best-of-the-breed tools that are used by their project teams. One such tool is JIRA. JIRA is a proprietary […]

RRC Adapter

Rational Requirements Composer Integration

Requirements are not the property of Business Analysts alone; in any of the software development methodology that we follow today, requirements are the focal point of the entire software delivery process. However, a diversified set of stakeholders and changes all across the development lifecycle make it difficult to align the project deliverables with the correct […]

Rational RequisitePro Adapter

Rational RequisitePro Integration

For software development projects, requirement management has always been the key process area for ensuring project success. It involves managing requirements over the complete application lifecycle, including managing changes to requirements. An effective Requirement Management system must provide scope for: Requirement elicitation Collaboration Change management and traceability IBM Rational RequisitePro provides the above mentioned capabilities […]

Hudson Adapter

Hudson Integration

In software development, Continuous Integration has become a common practice for teams that are focused on delivering high quality code throughout the product lifecycle. A Continuous Integration system allows teams to integrate their work frequently; verify the integration through automated test cases; detect integration errors quickly; and build and test their software many times a […]

Enterprise Architect Adapter

Enterprise Architect Integration

Enterprise Architect, developed by Sparx Systems, is a visual tool used for designing software applications. Today’s business applications rarely live in isolation. Users expect instant access to all business functions an enterprise can offer, regardless of which system the functionality may reside in. Download Datasheet More downloads × Download PDF version Please fill out the […]

Bugzilla Adapter

Bugzilla Integration

It is a well-known fact that the productivity of the teams increases rapidly when they use their preferred choice of tools to do their work. Kovair acknowledges this fact and helps organizations to increase their overall productivity by helping them to be integrated with best of the breed tools available in the market today. One […]

MS Project Adapter

MS Project 2013 Integration

Kovair MS Project Integration Plug-In and Adapter’ enable users to bi-directionally synchronize tasks, planning and scheduling data along with associated available resources from MS Project to the other connected tools in the integrated ALM scenario. Download Datasheet More downloads × Download PDF version Please fill out the form below to the access the document. × […]

Outlook Adapter

MS Outlook Integration

Though Outlook is widely used as an Email Application; it also includes Task Manager and Contact Manager. Outlook is basically a Personal Information Manager that comes with Microsoft Office Suite. Kovair Outlook Adapter connects the ALM tools with Outlook application enabling team members to add Requirements, Defects, and Change Requests to respective ALM tools directly […]

TestLink Adapter

TestLink Integration

Kovair Omnibus platform has a seamless integration with TestLink through the ‘Kovair TestLink Integration Adapter’. This supports bidirectional integration that enables TestLink data to be accessed from any other ALM tools that are connected to the Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. Download Datasheet More downloads × Download PDF version Please fill out the form below to […]

Visual Studio Adapter

Visual Studio Integration

‘Kovair Visual Studio 2013 Adapter’ integrates Visual Studio 2013 with other ALM tools to provide an integrated view of the unified software development. It enables data from all the connected tools to be accumulated in a central repository. Various reports and actionable metrics that are derived from this central repository can be used to design […]

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