Omnibus Tool Integration Adapters / Connectors

Find the list of multi-vendor ALM and IT tool integration adapters/ connectors and plug-ins offered by Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. You can download the data sheets to learn more about Kovair products.

VMware vSphere Integration

VMware vSphere Integration Adapter

vSphere is a virtualization management tool from VMware that helps in provisioning of Virtual Machines (VM) – building highly-available, resilient and on-demand infrastructure on the cloud environment. Kovair Omnibus integration with vSphere helps developers’ community to take full advantage of cloud while taking unified application management approaches. The integration with vSphere automatically moves development management […]

Thoughtworks Mingle Integration

Thoughtworks Mingle Integration Adapter

Mingle is an Agile project management solution from ThoughtWorks Studios. It is widely used by Developers and Testers for tracking defects, managing tasks, planning sprints, managing backlogs, managing agile projects and workflows. However, collaborating on Mingle projects and cards with extended software development teams is a major challenge. Cross-functional ALM tools don’t have built-in integration […]

MantisBT Integration

MantisBT Integration Adapter

MantisBT is an open source issue tracking tool used to track software defects or bugs. It is widely used by Developers and Testers for tracking defects, managing tasks, planning sprints, managing backlogs, and managing agile projects and workflows. Kovair Omnibus maximizes the functional and operational value of Mantis by making its issue records easily available […]

iRise Integration

iRise Integration Adapter

Faster time-to-market is the key to success for every organization. With the adoption of agile development methods, and the end users or customers getting involved early into the production process, there is almost no scope for development error due to misrepresentation of user requirements and lack of collaborative visualization. Even the most complex and bigger […]

VersionOne Integration

VersionOne Integration Adapter

VersionOne is a one-stop-solution for performing agile and lean software development practices. It supports planning and tracking of epics, stories, themes, tasks, tests and issues distributed among different stakeholders in a single system. The tool also guides team members through each of the agile development steps from product and release planning to sprint planning, tracking, […]

HP ALM Integration

HP ALM Integration Adapter

HP Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management – HP ALM provides a centralized platform for managing applications starting from Requirements Management to Test Planning to Defect Management – all the core product lifecycle activities from planning to delivery. HP ALM is an all-in-all ALM suite for development teams, as it has all the core ALM capabilities on […]

LDRA Integration

LDRA Integration Adapter

LDRA – Liverpool Data Research Associates is the leading provider of automated software verification, source code analysis and test tools. LDRA Testbed, one of major part of LDRA tool suites provides the core static and dynamic analysis and enables developers to visualize coding standards compliance and quality metrics, thus addressing flaws at the source code […]

Rational Rhapsody Integration

Rational Rhapsody Integration Adapter

The IBM Rational Rhapsody solution is a model-driven development (MDD) environment for real-time or embedded systems engineering, software development, and testing.It provides real-time agile software engineering environment with full application generation for C++, C, etc, rapid prototyping and simulation for design level debugging, automated build generation for continuous integration and support for safety-critical software lifecycle. […]

Microsoft Visual Studio Online Integration

Microsoft Visual Studio Online Integration Adapter

VSTS 2015, formerly known as Visual Studio Online – VSO is the cloud version of Team Foundation Server-TFS from Microsoft. It enables users to set up and run development projects in minutes without having to install or configure even a single server. With VSO in place, individual development teams, mid-size companies as well as large […]

UrbanCode Release Integration

UrbanCode Release Integration Adapter

Application development teams often need to encounter growing business demands such as development of new applications and changes to existing applications. These changes represent improvements in business services and features that drive new revenue. Practicing agile methodologies and continuous integration is the first logical step that teams can follow to satisfy business requirements. However, that […]

UrbanCode Deploy Integration

UrbanCode Deploy Integration Adapter

Today the enterprises that struggle most to achieve deployment management excellence are those still relying heavily on manual processes and procedures across the application delivery chain. Trying to deliver technology manually may sound somewhat counterproductive, but due to the effectiveness of the available release management tools, companies have had little choice. Fortunately, for companies the […]

Rational Quality Manager Integration

Rational Quality Manager Integration Adapter

IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) is a web-based centralized test management solution for businesses that count on quality-driven software and systems delivery. It’s collaborative and customizable solution for test planning, workflow control, tracking and metrics reporting help teams align project decisions and deliverables with business objectives. Kovair Omnibus allows users to create a seamless development […]

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