Omnibus Tool Integration Adapters / Connectors

Find the list of multi-vendor ALM and IT tool integration adapters/ connectors and plug-ins offered by Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform. You can download the data sheets to learn more about Kovair products.


Jenkins Integration Adapter

Jenkins is a popular open source tool for continuous integration and build automation. Over the time, Jenkins has become the open source standard for managing the development side of DevOps, from source code management to delivering code to production. Jenkins also supporting continuous integration, where code from individual developers are merged into a deployed project […]


PTC Windchill Integration Adapter

Kovair Windchill adapter integrates PTC Windchill and other best of breed ALM tools to bring the best of both worlds in your software-hardware production process. An integrated ALM and PLM environment enables users to bring together the key strengths of Application Lifecycle Management tools — management of requirements, features, test cases, test results, defects and […]

ARAS Innovator Integration Adapter Datasheet

ARAS Innovator Integration Adapter

Aras Innovator® is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) web-based software solution to support companies that need to manage product development, supply chain and quality compliance. Kovair provides a vendor-neutral integration platform called Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform to which the best-of-breed tools can be integrated. Kovair Omnibus allows Aras Innovator to bi-directionally integrate with an existing […]

SD Elements Integration Adapter Datasheet

SD Elements Integration Adapter

SD Elements automates software security requirements across the SDLC – software development life cycle. It profiles project requirements, defines probable project/application specific security defects and creates Tasks as a way of preventative controls. Adding another tool to the long list of tools across the ALM toolchain increases cost and time overheads, necessitates transparency, cross-tool traceability […]

Unicom Focal Point Integration

Unicom Focal Point Integration Adapter

Kovair Focal Point Adapter integrates Focal Point with other best-of-breed ALM tools and provides a centralized view of the unified risk/portfolio management. “Kovair Focal Point Adapter” exposes almost all custom/system modules from Focal Point to Kovair and Omnibus connected tools. Using Kovair Omnibus, Focal Point users can link between the elements in FP internally or […]

Apache Ant Integration

Apache ANT Integration Adapter

Kovair ANT Integration Adapter connects Ant to Omnibus and in turn to other ALM tools like Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE, Bugzilla, JIRA, DOORS, HP ALM, and ClearQuest etc. It provides Continuous Integration environment where project teams can access and view build information, perform automated testing on build files and resolve failed builds immediately. Apache’s Ant […]

Pivotal Tracker Integration

Pivotal Tracker Integration Adapter

‘Kovair Pivotal Tracker Integration Adapter’ lets you integrate Pivotal Tracker with other best-of-breed tools such as JIRA, GitHub, Jenkins, CA PPM, Rally etc. By integrating Pivotal Tracker with these tools, organizations can get centralized visibility into its portfolio of IT projects, timelines, and opportunities. Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management software that guides you […]

Perforce Integration

Perforce Integration Adapter

Perforce is a popular scalable Version Control system/ Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool used in development lifecycle for securely maintaining frequent changes to the code files, provide audit trails to changes, support parallel development and code reuse. Developers use Perforce to maintain current and historical versions of files, such as code files, web pages, and […]

Simulink Integration

Simulink Integration Adapter

Simulink Integration Mathwork’s Simulink is a visual modeling tool used to create design architecture for various project requirements in a model driven development environment. Kovair Omnibus allows users to link Simulink models with Requirements from Kovair or Kovair connected popular Requirement management tools like IBM DOORS Next Gen. The integration provides cross-tool traceability facilitating easy […]

SonarQube Integration

SonarQube Integration Adapter

SonarQube is a popular open source static code analysis tool used for continuous inspection of code quality. . The code analysis reports are very effective in predicting the code quality. Sharing these reports among other stalk holders will be revealing the overall stability. Kovair integration with SonarQube provides support for continuous inspection by enabling real-time […]

Remedyforce Integration

Remedyforce Integration Adapter

BMC Remedyforce is a comprehensive ITSM solution built on platform. Kovair Omnibus integration can increase the value of your Salesforce investment by supporting Remedy specific activities. This helps align IT service management and help desk system with broader organizational goals.

Selenium Integration

Selenium Integration Adapter

Selenium Integration with kovair Omnibus Selenium with TestNG framework is a popular open source testing tool primarily used for automating web applications. Currently, the business requires rapid development, build and testing. Selenium plays a vital role in performing automation testing thus reducing the testing time. Using test automation tool in isolation is not a good […]

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