Omnibus Tool Integration Adapters / Connectors

Find the list of multi-vendor ALM and IT tool integration adapters/ connectors and plug-ins offered by Kovair Omnibus Integration Platform.

Github Adapter

GitHub Integration

‘Kovair GitHub Adapter’ integrates GitHub Enterprise with other best-of-breed ALM tools and helps stakeholders remain up-to-date with latest file versions. is an enterprise cloud based hosting service, on which one can publish Git repositories and collaborate with people from distributed geographical locations. GitHub Enterprise is the on-premise version of Kovair integration supports both […]

IBM ClearCase Integration

The evolving organizational need to deliver software solutions sooner, while maintaining flexibility and compliance, calls for a powerful cross-platform Software Configuration Management (SCM) system that can protect critical software and lifecycle assets, provide audit trail for changes, and support parallel development and code reuse. Download Datasheet More downloads × Download PDF version Please fill out […]

FindBugs Adapter

FindBugs Integration

FindBugs is an open source tool, which is used for static code analysis. Kovair Omnibus allows you to integrate your preferred Defect tracking tool with FindBugs and facilitates direct logging of Defects from any Eclipse based IDE. Kovair’s FindBugs plug-in comes along with the Eclipse plug-in, and hence a user who has availed the services […]

Clarity Adapter

CA Clarity Integration

CA Clarity PPM is a project management information system that helps you ensure that your projects and programs align with strategies, goals, and objectives. It provides a real time view into the organization’s investments, initiatives, and resources. Using CA Clarity PPM, you can create projects; create budgets; add/remove resources to projects; manage project risks and […]

SharePoint Adapter

SharePoint Integration

In any IT organization, the productivity of employees depends on the resources and knowledge they have access to. Therefore, it is imperative that regardless of where the employees are located and what device they are using, providing them with adequate resources and that too with the best user experience is a necessity. SharePoint is a […]

Eclipse Adapter

Eclipse Integration

Eclipse is a leading open source development platform for Java-based software. The Eclipse IDE is mostly used by Developers who often need to work together and share information with other stakeholders, such as Business Analysts, Architects, Project Managers, and Testers. With the growing involvement of multiple stakeholders in almost all the phases of the software […]

Salesforce Adapter

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is an online, web-based CRM service from (SFDC) that captures and organizes communications and information from current or prospective customers of a company. Since CRM is an area of concern for Software Development companies as well, it is beneficial to have Salesforce integrated with other tools in the development chain. Salesforce has evolved […]

ServiceNow Adapter

ServiceNow Integration

In an IT organization, Application Development and IT Operation often end up as mutually competitive groups having conflicting goals — leading to a situation wherein the business emerges as the ultimate sufferer. With several years of experience in ALM, ITSM, and Tools Integration domains, Kovair is uniquely positioned to serve as the flag-bearer of an […]

DOORS Adapter

DOORS Integration

It’s a well-known fact that when teams are allowed to use their most preferred tools to manage project assets, their productivity rises exponentially. Kovair leverages this fact and helps organizations increase their overall productivity by integrating the best-of-the-breed tools that are used by their project teams. One such tool is IBM Rational DOORS. IBM Rational […]

Subversion Adapter

Subversion Integration

A version control system has always been a critical tool for developers who need to make frequent changes in code files as per changing project requirements. However, a version control system is not just about code files; for managing any file that changes often, there is scope of version control. Subversion (SVN) is an open […]

IBM Rational ClearQuest Integration

Change is the law of nature, and in the software development industry, change or change request is an artifact that can wreak havoc on projects if not handled efficiently. Changes can occur anytime during an application’s lifecycle, and they usually take place at breakneck speeds, thereby affecting the project deadlines and software quality. IBM Rational […]

Quality Center Adapter

HP Quality Center Integration

HP Quality Center (QC) is a widely used tool for managing Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) activities. It also helps you manage requirements, compile test plans, monitor testing activities, and track defects — a seemingly one-stop solution for all key SDLC steps. However, HP QC is primarily meant to be used by Software Testers, and […]

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