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Application Lifecycle Management - ALM


Kovair Application LifeCycle Management Solution / ALM Solutions provide a rich and configurable global platform for implementing a software development life cycle (SDLC) process, collaborating on the entire development cycle and tracing implementations back to original specs. Kovair Requirements Management ensures that all developers are working from the same playbook, no matter where they are located, and that there are no costly last minute surprises - whether the project was developed in the office next door, or by an offshore partner 10,000 miles and 10 time zones away. The result is a top-quality application that matches what the user asked for and complies with all internal and external Requirement Management. Scroll down to see the details of the industry leading Application Lifecycle Management solution /ALM software offered by Kovair.

Integrated ALM from Kovair

Application Lifecycle Management - ALM

Key Values from the Kovair ALM Studio

  • Act on single data repository for multiple ALM phases and artifacts
  • Leverage better collaboration between globally distributed teams
  • Manage end-to-end traceability from Requirements to Code to Testing to Delivery
  • Serve open architecture for supporting agile, waterfall or any other methodology
  • Take advantage of task based workflow to implement any organizational process
  • Use multiple user-configured reports and dashboards for monitoring and controlling
  • Deliver applications through multi-vendor tool supported integrations
  • Inherit intuitive and flexible mouse based configurability and bring down cost
  • Opt for project management & timesheet for tracking & productivity measurement

Everything You Need in an Integrated ALM Solution


Requirement Management

A full featured industry strength Requirement Management tool with rich text description, reuse, versioning, automated graphical process, back and forth traceability relations with proactive and reactive impact analysis, Microsoft Word and Excel import, and Requirements document generation. Requirements are related / linked with testcases, risks and releases.



Test Management (includes Testcases and Test Sets)

Whether you do a manual or automated testing, Kovair's Test Management tool manages individual test–cases (aka test plans) or a collection of them executed in a particular order in a test set (aka test lab). An impacting many-to-many relation with built-in Requirements Management allows changes in Requirements to percolate through the linked test cases. Managing multiple test runs for each test case allows a complete history of testing in the context of linked Requirements. Furthermore, issues can be created from the failed testcases.


Issues Management

It is remarkable how an age old tool like bug tracking can be made so powerful and flexible. Kovair's Issues Management tool with visual task based workflow process engine is ready to tackle the most demanding bugs and other issue tracking needs of a geographically distributed team. Reports and dashboards of trends bring the status of quality management to the front and center of the development process.


Risk Management

For a critical development project risks are the issues waiting to happen! A systematic identification, tracking and mitigation planning of Risks for various categories make a development project well managed. When a risk finally occurs an issue can be generated out of it and resolved based on the mitigation plan.


Release Management

One of the most overlooked areas of the development management, Kovair Release Management helps hold all the other artifacts (Requirements, Tests, Issues) together in the context of each release. This makes planning for a Release a breeze. Besides creation of a publish quality release note to display all the new enhancements (Requirements, issues, and bug fixes), included in a release is just a matter of a single click in Kovair. A pre-formatted release note can be printed in Word format from real time data in the Kovair repository that can be easily provided to marketing, sales and customers.


Project Management

Kovair has created an architecture of workspaces providing development groups with the freedom to choose project hierarchy. A workspace can be used for a single project or multiple projects independent of the project definition, for example use of the term ´program´ or ´Product´ instead of project. The flexibility in creating unlimited independent workspaces in the Kovair Application Lifecycle Management solution permits, each workspace to be inherited from an existing one as a template and further configured to a specific need or a unique functional application.


Each of these applications in its own right competes well with the traditional standalone tools from other vendors. However, these Kovair applications working together in a single repository provide unprecedented advantages to a development organization to implement Applications Lifecycle Management in the most optimal manner. Integrated Omniprocess via, IT Project Management allows for a unique process automation of each of these applications, allowing the users to implement any development methodology including a proprietary one.



Product Features


Kovair ALM Studio is an anywhere-anytime full Application Lifecycle Management solution starting from Requirements' capture to product release. Project goals and deliverables are shared by diverse team members (customers, analysts, software architects and designers) to collaborate around town or around the globe. The following features are available to all the built-in applications of Kovair ALM.


100% Web-based

A Web architected grounds-up framework accessible through popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and others from anywhere, anytime.


Multiple Input Methods

In Kovair ALM Studio, you can capture any item (Requirements, Issues , Test cases) in any of the following ways:

  • Using the Rich Text Editor in Kovair, you can open a Microsoft Word document or copy-paste a portion of a formatted text to the Rich Text Editor.
  • Submit inputs from a Corporate Website or Portal
  • Send them by Email
  • Import them from Microsoft Word Document
  • Import them from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • Import form a CSV file with configurable format
  • From any third party tools in realtime if synchronized through Kovair´s Omnibus Integration Bus


Entity Relations

Though traceability is more of a common feature of a Requirements Management tool, the Kovair Application Lifecycle Management solution has made traceability relations a central feature of all its built-in applications.



It allows multiple types of relations, including custom ones, between issues such as dependency and duplicate relations.


Process Automation using OmniProcess Workflow Engine

Through its built-in Omniprocess Workflow engine, the Kovair Application Lifecycle Management solution facilitates complete IT process automation of all its applications.



The Kovair Application Lifecycle Management solution offers multiple reporting options:


  • HTML, enabling direct printing from the application
  • Exporting any list to Excel for additional formatting and manipulation
  • Built-in Crystal Reports, facilitating easy custom formatting, or creation of your own reports
  • Word Reporting enablings fully customizable formatting with multi-level data elements from the Kovair ALM data repository in real time
  • Dashboards with real time data from the system for reporting any aspect of the project including the entire Project Health or Process Indices Report with graphical, tabular and chart formats


Product Benefits


Capture the Voice of the Customer Product Management

By using Kovair´s multiple capabilities for capturing inputs and putting them through a well – defined Requirements Review Process with the Kovair Omniprocess workflow, a company can set up an excellent system of capturing customer inputs for both new product ideas and improvements to existing products. These inputs coupled with inputs from other sources such as Helpdesk provide Product Management personnel with a proper tool to review these inputs and create a Product Requirements Document in Word that can be generated automatically within Kovair at any time.


This provides any company, large or small, a very critical tool to not miss any inputs from a customer that are always a key factor in enhancing customer satisfaction as well as bringing a competitive edge to a company's its product lines and improving its business and market share. The payback of this system cannot be underestimated!


Evaluate and Prioritize Requirements for Releases

Kovair's Requirements Ranking capabilities and What if Analysis capabilities for Release Management Process, provide any Product, Marketing and Engineering Management group with a very easy and methodical way of analyzing release contents and making sound decisions, backed by logic and analysis rather than gut instinct. This further simplifies buy-in of the outcome, leading to group harmony in developing and managing a proper product release.


Increased Productivity

Formalizing and automating Application Life cycle Management and enabling Requirements' reuse speed up project completion by 20 to-30% as compared to ad hoc or manual Requirements Management processes. As such, Kovair tools benefit small organizations as well by enabling them to grow faster, manage their growth better, and achieve product quality and enhanced productivity.


Better Quality - No More Redos

Having one version of the truth captured and shared globally by all developers creates fewer design errors going through the implementation cycle. This results in significantly less testing time and almost no reworking of the application after system testing. Total project labor cost is saved by 10-20%.


Better Team Collaboration and Communication

A shared single repository enabled through global web-based access to the Requirements prevents errors as distributed teams work with same specifications. Moreover anyone with the appropriate permission can make changes with automatic notifications sent to other team members based on the Change Management Process, set up in the Kovair Application Lifecycle Management system.


Automatic Regulatory Compliance

Regulations are in fact the Requirements generated externally. With Kovair's 100% backwards and forwards traceability, regulatory compliance is ensured automatically, mitigating risks to any business.


Download our resources to learn about ALM implementation with Kovair.


Integration With Other Tools


Although Kovair's Application Lifecycle Management solution is fairly complete in terms of major development management tools, it can integrate with various other development tools, if there is a need, including Visual Studio IDE , Configuration Management and Build Management. Kovair's Omnibus service integration bus technology allows organizations to integrate external best-of-breed tools from third- party vendors with Kovair ALM tools as well as internal tools to create a total ALM ecosystem. To use Kovair's Omnibus Integration technology, you need Kovair's enterprise service bus architecture solution product. In addition, Kovair's enterprise solution allows organizations to create their own applications using its highly user friendly drag-and-drop feature.


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