Extended Browser Support of Kovair

It’s not easy to expand browser compatibility and bring in new features at the same time. Kovair has achieved this feat with its latest release – Kovair 7.0 – that boasts of several Web2.0 features and supports the widely used Web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Kovair 7.0 has been fully tested on Chrome 26, Firefox 10, IE 8, and IE 9; and experimental data has suggested that the application performs best on Chrome, followed by Firefox and IE. Though the result has endorsed our decision to welcome Chrome aboard, we are always aware that what really matters is what our customers are using, and thus we are striving to ensure that Kovair performs equally well on all supported browsers. Our objective is to keep pace with the rapidly changing Web world and yet ensure that our existing customers are not deprived of the new functionalities added to Kovair.

While popular browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari make up 98% of the Internet market share, there are a multitude of other browsers that are being used every day. As long as multiple browsers are in existence, Web based applications like Kovair will continue to face the challenges of browser compatibility. With the extended support for Chrome in Kovair 7.0, Kovair has made an attempt to improve its browser compatibility and reach a wider section of customers. Hopefully, customers will appreciate the intent.

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