ALM Studio – Application Lifecycle Management Platform

Manage the entire software development process - Requirements Capture to Product Release collaboratively and in a single data repository.

Kovair ALM Studio along with its integration capability provides a cohesive solution for end-to-end application lifecycle management from conception to delivery. One can use Kovair ALM Studio as a platform for creating custom business solutions or as a pre-configured, ready-to-use ALM solution. 

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Kovair integrated ALM covers all aspects of ALM like Project Planning, Risk Assessment, Requirements Management, Development Management, Source Control Management, Quality Assurance and Testing, Change Management, Defect Management, and Automated Build Management.

The configurability of Kovair gives organizations the independence of following any methodology like waterfall or agile or hybrid. The mouse click configurable task based workflow management of Kovair together with notification eliminates the need of manual hand-offs and automates the entire process.

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